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Are you ready for a real performance advantage? Increased horsepower, and to optimize your ride?

You and your ride deserve the best parts availible, a pure unadulterated performance product, and Takai Racing is the right place to be. Here we develop only the highest quality components to unleash levels of performance others can't touch.

Our parent branch, Mission Ignition Systems, is the FIRST company in history to develop direct coil on plug performance ignition systems since 2000, when direct coil on plug systems became mainstream performance products. Today, our products are used as original equipment (WeaponX components) on vehicles like Shelby Americans 1300+ hp Super Snake "1000" supercar and in several professional race series as the "secret" ingredient!. So how do we out do the competition? Simple.

Takai Racing is an electronics company with the knowhow to get the latest EFI powersport engines running properly. In order to release more horsepower from a combustion event more energy needs to be input in a combustion event. More energy in, equals more energy out. More energy in spark, has the capability to release more energy in fuel. Bottom line, better engine response and improved engine power everywhere! This is where Takai products excel at producing a performance advantage.

How well Takai products stack up? Latest side by side tests have shown Takai ignition products made 6 wheel horsepower and 2 lb ft torque on the newest Kawasaki ZX14. See and read the full story here.

Link to Takai Super Coil Test - WE HAVE IGNITION!

Performance Products by Takai Racing

performance plasma boosterlearn more about plasma booster


Looking for a product to boost the output of your ignition system without breaking the bank?

Click the image to learn more about Takai's Ignition Booster.

Performance ignition capslearn more about ignition caps


The latest F1 ignition technology packaged for plug and play performance.

Click the image to learn more about RipFORCE Stick Coils. .

Performance super conductorLearn more about super conductor


The ultimate ignition wire has arrived for your engine!

Click the image to learn more about Takai's Hybrid Performance Ignition Wire.

Performance spark plugLearn more about spark plug


Takai's RTYPE Performance spark plugs for the best performance on the street or strip.

Click the image to learn more about Takai's RTYPE Super Spark plugs.

Why Takai Products?

Takai Racing helping worldwideTakai products are used by OEM and professionals around the world. Currently Takai provides ignition components to Shelby American for their 1200+ hp engines, teams in AMA MotoGP, AMA Superbike, AMA Motocross, Euro Superbike, NHRA, Australian Dirt Track and other top level teams around the world achieve the gains they need to succeed at the track or on the street.

Takai is the first innovator and producer of aftermarket ignition components for late model "coil on plug" applications and relentlessly seeks to produce the best ignition components available worldwide.

Takai ignition components are one of the only products that return compound gains. The more air and fuel you throw at a Takai ignition system, the more Takai ignition components can more thoroughly ignite and the power our ignition components return to your engine. This makes Takai ignition components the ideal first modification made to an engine.

Takai components are also able to sustain the extra loads demanded by a performance engine and fire precisely when high cylinder pressures are involved. Takai ignition components also optimize completely stock applications for gains seen EVERYWHERE in the RPM band, right from idle all the way to red line. These gains, unlike intake and exhaust modifications, improve throttle response when you twist the throttle, and power even at low rpm or part throttle cruise situations. The result is an engine that you will love even more, improved fuel economy, power and engine response characteristics.

In the end, there is a lot of talk, and we know that many people may question the improvements made, so our challenge is to prove it to yourself. We are so confident most of our products have a 30 day money back guarantee. Try them out, if you like them, keep them. If not, send them back for a full refund, it's that easy.

If you're ready to feel the gains everyone is talking about, give us a call, we are ready to help you any time.

Best regards,
Takai President and staff

TAKAI - Helping dominate all elements

TAKAI, leading the industry!

Takai Ignition perfectionSSB, testers say "Takai's Racing coils produced the biggest surprise of all the mods however. A straight swap of the stock coil sticks for the aftermarket units resulted in an instant power increase across the rev range... three plus horsepower is more than some aftermarket exhausts can produce... our CBR1000RR required very little in the way of aftermarket upgrades to make it one of the best streetbikes we've had in a long time." Super Street Bike, April Issue 2012

For more information visit SSB Magazine, or read more on Takai's Website HERE.

Experience the EXCITEMENT and the PERFORMANCE of a Takai tuned product on your motor vehicle and gain the technical advantage over the competition and the EDGE that comes along with it!