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TaKAI, Company Profile

TaKAI AMA superbike TaKAI is a leader in electronic performance systems and broke onto the scene to provide cutting edge technology direct to the powersport enthusiast. Using cutting edge methods to develop performance ignition products our goal is to directly offer the latest high performance equipment for your applications.

More about the people of TaKAI!

TaKAI Sportster, perfection As engineers and enthusiasts ourselves, TaKAI has a passionate team who are interested in the development, improvement and manufacturing of high performance equipment ourselves.

TaKAI's team has some of the most talented and aggressive automotive enthusiasts that have been engineering performance electronics for over 20 years.

TaKAI offers, and tests products to get your adrenaline pumped up as well as unleash your engines full potential. We guarantee full attention to detail and quality with each product so that you leave knowing you made the right choice.

Advantages of TaKAI equipment!

TaKAI ignition watercraft Today's engines are designed with high efficiency and higher output than ever before. While this is true, most aspects of the mechanical system are continually undergoing redesign to take advantage of this increased efficiency with many of the electronic systems as an exception. While mechanical components are redesigned, most electronic applications still use principals designed and adopted from technology discovered and used over 50 years ago. In order for today’s engines to take full advantage of newer internal components, they also require the latest electronic and performance enhancing technology to deliver a cleaner more efficient combustion process. This is the only way for an engine to release an engines highest potential.

TaKAI products are the only powersport equipment parts that take advantage of the latest 20th century advancements in electronic technology improving the overall effectiveness of your vehicles engine. So whether you're racing at the track, or taking a leisurely drive, your vehicle will accelerate quicker, give crisp part throttle changes, be more powerful, and improve your fuel mileage meaning they are investments that pay for themselves!

For the best performance and highest quality products TaKAI leads the industry. Call us to discuss your needs.