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TaKAI Ignition; Supercross Suzuki
TaKAI components; Yamaha Waverunner
TaKAI Performance Ignition; Bombardier skidoo snow machine
SSB Magazine ZX14 Longterm Test - TaKAI Super Coils

Horsepower gain with ignition caps WE HAVE IGNITION

Looking for every edge without breaking into the valve cover, we turned to F1 technology in the form of TaKAI Super Coils. These coils are made to incite performance through the use of an "X2 focal core" that works in conjunction with internal super conductors to focus the energy field in the ignition coils. This results in longer, hotter and higher efficiency spark events that create stronger combustion and therefore greater engine response, mileage and performance. With the installation of these coils, we gained six more HP and two LB-FT of torque in addition to the six HP gained with the full exhaust system and fuel controller. The total power added with all the components was 12 hp.

SSB Sept 2012 Issue

SSB Dyno Test - Before 187.71hp, After TaKAI Super Coils 193.92hp TaKAI ignition cap before and after dyno
TaKAI Team Wins Season Podium in Superbike
TaKAI sponsored Chris Burns wins Dutch Superbike for GS RACING @3.00min

What are customers saying about TaKAI?

Nothing more puts a smile on the faces of the people at TaKAI then hearing another success story from our customers and sharing their experiences. From Superbike, all the way to our awesome customers, sharing our stories is what puts a smile on our faces. Here are a few.

Rippin fast MC DOC Seadoo RXP!RXP watercraft modification

"My Seadoo RXP is modded to the max and has an upgraded supercharger among other mods. It's one of the, if not the fastest RXP in my area. Normally I have to change spark plugs regularly to get it running properly and right before I got the coils I developed a misfire and as usual it was time to change the plugs yet again. Instead of changing the plugs I figured I would try the coils without changing the plugs to see if the coils would help.

Wow... I may have been a bit skeptical at first but let me tell you I was amazed the second I hit the starter button. The engine started immediately and the moment I heard the engine I knew these coils were working better! AWESOME! They are working better than expected! I wanted to let you know and to say thanks for providing such a great product!"

James I. (McDoc)

The BEST parts ever installed on my GSXR1000! Suzuki GSXR modification

"Hi Mark!

I ordered a super coil kit for my 09 suzuki GSXR1000 in May 2012. I just what to tell you this coil kit is one of the BEST PARTS INSTALLED SO FAR!!!!

Trust me I put on a lot of aftermarket parts on my bike and these are AWESOME!! I just want to tell you how very happy with the coil kit!!!! My bike is running strong! :)"

Thanks, Angelo R.

The awesome story of "Captain" Bob's exceptional Yamaha VMAX

Like all of us, we heard from Captain Bob inquiring about some more go fast parts for his Yamaha VMAX street machine. The Captains VMAX spares no expense and only uses the best proven parts available and lightweight components throughout such as carbon fiber wheels and accessories. His questions were meticulous, cautious and so was his testing. We at TaKAI got the feeling that only the best would make the cut. The story starts with team TaKAI being put on a mission to fit his awesome VMAX with a set of prototype TaKAI RipFORCE VMAX Super Coils to get him the power he needed. TaKAI tuned the coils for the VMAX powerband and sent them to the Captain for some testing. Yamaha VMAX modification

On the dyno, the VMAX registered an extra 3-5 engine horsepower through the curve but as expected from anyone diligent enough to be cautious about his limited edition VMAX, that wasn't good enough. Dyno error can be the cause of the unscrupulous numbers from what seemed like a mere ignition coil change. The questions were still there, and rightfully so, but that's OK because the Captain told us, "I drag race my bike on a regular basis and turn very good consistent times. I stay in the lower 9.90's at 136 -139 trap speed all my 1/8 miles times are within 100th's and my 1/8 mile speed is always 112 - 114. I race and I know what my bike can do down the track." Bob

Team TaKAI's Capt Bob VMAX

TaKAI, as well as Bob, waited patiently to re-verify the dyno results of the TaKAI ignition coils for his VMAX. The fateful day arrived where him and his piloted machine would hit the drag strip with TaKAI's new RipFORCE super coils for the latest Yamaha VMX1700 street bike.

The final results of the dyno and track testing were complete.

"Finally got to the track and my et's went down and trap speed went up. I was able to break into the 9.80's! A 9.86 was my best pass and my trap speed is what really changed! I have been averaging 136-137 with a best 139. Well 3 passes (with the only change the TaKAI Super Coils) at 144 mph WOW!! ..that’s impressive! Right now I'm a happy guy with 2 personal best runs and bragging rights. Thanks."


(current best 144mph 9.77seconds, previous best 139pmh 9.90 seconds)

Ignition enhancer before and after quarter mile time slips

"BTW, update, went back to the track to see if I could back up my 9.80's run. Well I did. Got another 9.88 and two 9.77's I am stoked!" Captain Bob

1/4 mile time slips, modification
Awesome! Being enthusiasts here at TaKAI we really share the experience with our customers. It isn't simply selling parts, it's about making your ride better, putting a smile on your face and about hearing the success stories with TaKAI products. It's all about giving the best we have to give our customers an advantage, to be part of a family and to further the sport. If your ever ready to share that story and experience TaKAI welcomes you to experience what so many others have already experienced and join the TaKAI team!

Enjoy Bobs 144mph run!

Super Sexy Carbon Yamaha R1 (SSB Cover Bike Sept 2012)

Yamaha R1 modification

"We ran your ignition coils on the dyno prior to my bike being published in the magazine and after installing the coils my R1 picked up several HP, FT-Lbs of torque across the range. It also starts much easier. Thanks and congrads on a very nice product!"

Steve S.

All the best to our customers and friends part of Team TaKAI!

SSB Magazine Longterm Test - TaKAI Super Coils

High performance ignition cap Once a motorcycle engine's power output has been maximized with an aftermarket exhaust and electronics that's pretty much the end of the road for most of us. Power adders require dedication and some mechanical savviness, and while their reward is huge they can be a little much for the average street guy looking for the most from his motor.

Because our CBR1000RR is on loan from Honda we can only install bolt-on parts. It needs to be returned as it was loaned to us:bone stock and preferably not crashed. After the exhaust, fueling and electronics, we figured that was the end of the road. It's 159 horsepower was certainly respectable, but it sure would be nice to cross the 160 threshold. It seemed the search for more power had ended until a product found its way to us making what seemed like outlandish claims. This idea of changing out the coil sticks hadn't occurred to anybody in the office, but TaKAI send a set of it's high-powered sticks – so in they went.

Accessing the plugs on the CBR is no easy task, so plan to spend some time disassembling the airbox and shrinking your hand to pull the plugs from the compact engine compartment. The new coils plugged directly into the factory connectors, then the airbox and bodywork were reassembled. This all seemed easy enough, but not without some undertones of magic snake oil. After all, gaining up to 5 horsepower by simply changing some coils felt a bit far-fetched.

+ four horsepower from ignition cap mod Well, it wasn't. OK, so we didn't get a full 5 horsepower, but 3.5 horses at the wheel and 3 LB-FT of torque ain't too shabby considering the work involved. No tuning required-just swap the stock coil stick's for the beefier TaKAI parts and let 'er rip. Due to the increased spark the air/ fuel ratio leaned out about a half point so we added a little fuel. It didn't produce any more power but simple brought the AFR back down.

Aside from the bump in power there's a less exciting benefit-gas mileage. The TaKAI coils produce a more efficient and powerful spark that equates to a four-mile per gallon better range then the stock coils. That might not be a big deal, but it all eventually adds up and the idea of the mod paying for itself over the long haul can be considered. While aftermarket coils might not seem quite as cool (or obvious at least) as a new exhaust or chrome wheels, they could be what's missing from giving you an advantage over other riders. Drag racers and road racers alike would certainly welcome any extra ponies they can gain, and imagine what another three to five horsepower could do for your ET at the strip or down the front straight at your local track.

SSB March 2012 Issue

SSB Dyno Test - Before 159.88hp, After TaKAI Super Coils 163.43hp Ignition cap mod before and after
SSB Magazine Longterm Test - TaKAI Super Coils

TaKAI taking action on the latest wild build from Cliff Randal. A custom hyper touring ZX14 Kawasaki outfitted with the latest high performance gear and ignition components from TaKAI Racing.

Built to achieve +200mph runs with a cruise radius of 200+ miles, this is the ultimate touring bike. Enjoy the pictures!

To find out and see more visit our Facebook page, TaKAI Racing

SSB Dyno Test - Before 159.88hp, After TaKAI Super Coils 163.43hp Kawasaki ZX-14 mod
TaKAI, latest events

Kawasaki ZX mod Check back soon to find out the latest events TaKAI will be attending to view the latest technology in action!