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Boat ignition performance components The TaKAI team are innovators in the automotive ignition market, and have been providing cutting edge ignition performance product to the most demanding customers for over ten years.

Offering high quality, cost effective products directly to the high performance motor vehicle market, here, you will find all the latest and up to date ignition performance products for many motor vehicles, including motorbikes, snow machines, watercrafts, etc. Since TaKAI engineers in house, we can also custom design products for your application.

Designing products to meet and exceed your expectations, we also demand durability that will provide years of use and enjoyment. After installing a TaKAI tuned product, your vehicle's performance will improve noticeably leaving you with the rush of performance, and the security of knowing you made the right choice.

Why TaKAI?

TaKAI leads the way in performance ignition componentsEngineers at TaKAI plunged onto the performance automotive scene in 2002 with one goal in mind, deliver the best no compromise products in the industry.

Ever since that day TaKAI stood by it's obligation to continuously develop products that were reliable and performed well. TaKAI tuned products can now be seen at the race track in the American Iron series, in 2000 hp Muscle Mustangs, highly tuned Corvettes, Vipers and many enthusiast tuned vehicles around the world. With TaKAI's help we also sponsored a podium finish racer in the American Iron series (2nd overall) the first year out with a rookie driver. During this run TaKAI sponsored driver broke track records that have been standing for years in adverse conditions.

TaKAI tuned products are an evolution of design meaning, as technology is introduced TaKAI products evolve rather then staying stagnant and "good enough". This also means our customers always get the latest up to date and best performing technology available.

At TaKAI we are constantly striving to produce the best products and push the boundaries of our knowledge to further refine, improve and enhance our products.

Take a look at our products and find out why TaKAI equipment is right for you.