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TaKAI Ignition; Supercross Suzuki
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ONK Superbike GS Racing

Team TaKAI, GS Racing Dutch Superbike GS RACING CBR1000RR

Chris Burns in the Dutch Superbike Championship are currently sponsored and running TaKAI RipFORCE Ignition coils for maximum performance! The G.S. Racing tuned Dutch Superbike made an additional 2.5 - 5 rear wheel horsepower through the range with no other changes.

TaKAI recognizes that the GS Racing team is dedicated and committed to providing the best products for their bike and TaKAI Racing is proud to be a part of a championship team.

The GS Racing team and Chris Burns are the type of dedicated individuals that also have the same passion TaKAI racing holds, providing a dedicated effort day in and day out.

Congratulations to the GS Racing team and Chris Burns for their excellent podium finishes lately and their run for the number 1 spot!

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Ride with Team TaKAI Show us you have the skill and desire to ride with the TaKAI team. TaKAI is always looking for professionals that want a competitive edge for their powersport vehicles.

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