Ignition StrikeFORCE Amplifier - Multi Channel 24VDC

StrikeFORCE Ignition Voltage Amplifier, 24VDC 20amp, plug and play

StrikeFORCE is back. A universal, plug and play ignition amplifier that alters your 12 volt ignition system and bumps it up to 24 volts. Used for up to 4 cylinders, it is an inductive ignition system upgrade which improves overall ignition voltage, and output spark for the strongest ignition events available. By using the latest in SMD technology, our amplifier monitors ignition load and automatically increases spark duration and voltage to optimise the spark characteristics of your ignition by increasing voltage to your existing ignition setup. By using the latest SMD electronics, our ignition amplifier module is the most compact, highest output design in its class. Enhancing the power output of your ignition system without all the wiring fuss commonly associated with competitor designs.

Designed with the ability to increase power output by increasing spark duration, increase ignition system reliability and reduce electronic issues commonly associated with high output ignition systems, the StrikeFORCE excels where other ignition solutions fail. By providing power where and when you need it performance throughout the power curve is realised for quicker throttle response and higher power output.

Developed to improve power output and ignition energy the StrikeFORCE smoothes engine response and provides seamless yet effective control of your vehicles ignition energy which also includes an integrated control circuit that monitors the ignition signals and cleans them up when any interference issues are present. This allows for a more seamless integration experience with competitor ignition products.

Exclusively available through TAKAI, the StrikeFORCE is revolutionizing the performance powersport scene by delivering improved energy output, and increased performance to those that want to ensure reliable and efficient engine operation for years to come. The AtoMX Boost also includes an ignition wire and grounding upgrade which is an absolute must have for those looking for maximum engine performance from thier powersport engine.

Performance advantages include:

Smoother engine response
Higher horsepower
Better fuel mileage
Higher ignition voltage
Ignition grounding upgrade
Plug and play installation

For up to 4 cylinder engines in sequential or v8 wasted spark applications. Not compatible with CDI. Compatible with most late model INDUCTIVE, EFI and points ignition systems.

  • Model: TIEK1412
  • Manufactured by: Takai Racing

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