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Takai ignition cap reliabilty Takai, meaning extremely tall, very high or high end in Japanese, reflects Takai's dedication to innovation and the latest cutting edge technology to pull the most performance out of your ride!

Designed, engineered and built by hand in North America (Canada and United States) Takai came onto the scene and was first introduced to industry professionals that demanded the best performing electonic components available. 2 months after Takai's introduction Takai quickly made it's way into top level Superbike series earning several exciting podium finishes! Soon after, professional privateer and team riders in top level Motocross events are switching to Takai components and are consistantly among the winningest riders in the industry. The over 20 years of combined experience behind Takai has helped Takai take home holeshots, place first on the podium and even earned a MotoGP championship in the highest levels of racing in the world! Also, unike the typical companies, Takai is committed to helping all our customers in all levels of competition get the advantage they are looking for, get the performance, understand the product and to do anything possible to help our customers win! We don't just sell a product, we engineer it, understand it and support it fully. Along with helping our customers, Takai's goal is to deliver the best customer technical service for the best ignition packages available and our engineers are still pushing to develop newer and better products where needed to maximize the rush and benefits from our products! Continuing to gain recognition among the highest level riders in the world. Takai and our subsidiaries are truely aiming high, and there is no end in sight!

Takai's goal is to produce the best products available by introducing technology previously found only in professional automotive racing applications such as F1. Through this initiative TAKAI is meeting the increasing demands of enthusiasts for high performance excitement and high efficiency motor vehicles by providing the best performance components available!

For the last decade and a half TAKAI engineers have gained a reputation for being innovators in the automotive performance market providing cutting edge products to the most demanding customers. Now team TAKAI has come together to allow all powersport enthusiasts access to these latest technological advances in performance equipment!


Here, our valuable customers have access to the latest information and up to date performance products for various motor vehicles; including motorbikes, snow machines, watercrafts and all other powersport applications. Also, since TAKAI engineers are in house we can also custom design products for any application and assist customers with any project.

TAKAI products supply the type of quality that you expect for your motor vehicle and are the only products that are engineered to put a smile on our customers face by engineering our products with the sophistication and durability to provide years of performance use and enjoyment! After installing a TAKAI tuned product, your motor vehicle's engine performance and efficiency will improve noticeably meaning these are an upgrade which will meet and exceed all expectations from customers looking for the next must have components!

TAKAI products play a vital role in achieving great results, through innovations that alter critical areas in your motor vehicles engine such as:

Ignition Timing
Ignition Intensity
Ignition Dwell
Spark on Time
Spark Voltage
Spark Current Capacity
Vehicle Energy Conditioning

TAKAI is a company you can trust and works hard to improve customer motor vehicle performance and reliability. This is our promise to all TAKAI customers and why we offer 1 year warranties on many of our performance products. Join the best riders in the world and find out why TAKAI is right for you!

How does Takai stack up?
Ignition cap question

A common question asked to us among enthusiasts is. How does Takai stack up against the competition?

Engineers here are directed to produce cost are no object components. Put simply, Takai caters to professionals and provides the same quality components to the general marketplace after the most grueling torture tests. That being said, Takai typically provides products to TOP LEVEL professionals for trial testing before releasing to the general public. This ensures the products are testing in the most demanding situations and work in thier intended applications from street orientated driving right to professional level racing. There is a reason professionals use Takai components, because we work with them to get the product right during development and before final release.

Takai products are not the run of the mill, off the shelf, components but are hand built and refined using the same components that are used in cost is no object venues. Takai products exceed all existing automotive 'performance' specifications and use the highest quality components available, are designed to tolerances that exceed 0.001 inch and are the only components built for one thing in mind, to absolutely win.

Ask any engineer at Takai and the resounding response will be the same. How does Takai stack up to the competition?

Lead engineer
"We are the only ignition company to provide a working solution to top teir professionals that tested our product on the dyno, on the track, and use it to race, so... decide for yourself. When you want a product that works we have the parts you need to get your engine performing the way it should. When you want the best ignition coils, spark plugs, ignition components and ECU's available look no further then Takai! We are here to help you! :)"

Asking TAKAI the tough questions.

About Takai and questionsWe are the new kids on the block and many people have asked. Can I trust Takai Racing and do the products work?

First and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mark L. and I am the owner and CEO of Takai racing. I want to introduce myself to say that if you ever need anything, my team and I will be there to make sure your satisfied. Takai is not fly by night and I can assure our customers that if they ever need anything or have any concerns I will personally step out to help if needed. That along with a 30 day money back guarantee on most of our products ensures that you, as part of team Takai, will walk away with a smile on your face. That is my personal goal and commitment to you.

Secondly, I started poor, my family with only enough to put pasta on my plate but I worked hard and put myself in debt to become an electrical engineer. It was a hard road but with that achieved I ended up working for GM, Magna, Saturn, Honda and others. I also worked part time as an electical engineering instructor and through the years engineered and learned how the electronics on the latest generation of powersport equipment works. Why do I say this? Well, there are many mechanically inclined tuners that make cams, bend pipe, run on dynos and test allot of product but almost non with the ability to understand how the latest generation of electronic ECU's work in regards to ignition or injection systems. They simply know how to bolt on electrical parts and that the latest equipment needs injectors, sensors and ignition coils. Takai racing admits that our strongest suit isn't sprockets, mufflers and cams. I can humble myself enough to say your asking the wrong person in regards to those parts but we are very versed and very capable in the area of electronics where the scene is very lacking and where we are willing to step out and help. Still need proof? I would warmly welcome any EE can call up and ask all the hard questions and get the hard answers, not technical jargen. It ultimately comes down to if you believe the mechanic that knows mechanics, or the engineer that knows electronics. To me personally it is proof that it is important to sift and gain knowledge from those with the ability to understand it and why I am here as part of team Takai to help out.

If you are still wondering why should I trust Takai Racing? We always put you the customer first! Takai is first concerned with one thing, putting you and the quality of our products first! With our top notch customer service and assistance we want to make sure you leave feeling like part of the team, confident about your purchase and right about the product and the end results.

Where are TAKAI products being used?

Takai stands by it's moral obligation and commitment to continuously supply and develop products that are high quality, reliable and meet or exceed performance expectations. Today, TAKAI tuned products can be seen at the race track in Supercross, Superbike, Dirt Oval Series, American Iron series, in 2000 hp Muscle Mustangs, highly tuned Corvettes, Vipers, Porches and many enthusiast tuned vehicles around the world. TAKAI also sponsors podium racers in Dutch Superbike, the American Iron series, AMA Supercross, AMA motocross and more. Many of whom, we have had a small hand in helping break track records, win holeshots and place on podiums the first time out.

How do I know I am getting the best parts?

TAKAI tuned products are also introduced to our evolution engineering program meaning, as technology is introduced TAKAI products evolve rather then staying "good enough". This means our customers always get the latest up to date and best performing technology available!

At TAKAI we are constantly striving to produce the best products and push the boundaries of our knowledge to further refine, improve and enhance our products. TAKAI engineering staff takes principals from several sources and merges them into one field producing results currently unseen in the industry. This delivers results and products years ahead of many other specialty divisions.

In closing, take a look at our products and find out why TAKAI equipment is right for you! I will be here and so will our staff to help you every step of the way!

Sincere Regards,
Mark Lepore S