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PowerCORE Hybrid Performance Ignition Wire

Introducing TAKAI's PowerCORE Hybrid Performance Ignition Wire

Why are people switching to TAKAI's PowerCORE Performance wire? TAKAI uses the latest cutting edge tecnology using a unique process called "CORE" tech TAKAI uses a unique hybrid winding with outstanding conducting characteristics that is designed to harness the electrical and magnetic energy passing through the wire. TAKAI's construction alSuperior ignition wirelows for maximum energy transfer and releases energy reserves when your engine needs it the most rather then waste it as heat (resistors and resistor caps) in conventional ignition wire. This allows for maximum energy transfer to the spark plug, helps sustain spark energy over a wider period of time and allows for the best output available vs any other product.

PowerCORE Hybrid Performance wire are the latest innovation available for high output ignition wire allowing for the best possible electrical conductivity. With the capability of our CORE TECH technology, our ignition wire increases energy to the spark plugs over conventional designs. That along with its low resistance nickle plated copper wire offers ideal performance for maximum voltage and current to the spark plug while providing a long / reliable life span in harsh operating environments.


- Enhanced Engine Power
- Lifetime Warranty
- Enhanced Engine Torque
- Enhanced Fuel Mileage
- CORE TECH construction
- Long life / high quality components
- CORE design for higher voltages and current output!
- Reduced ignition RFI / EMI
- Additional spark energy when you need it
- Improved timing and spark events
- Longer, more powerful output spark events

Other Features

PowerCORE wires also use a graphite / carbon film around the CORE ensuring oxidization does not set in reducing the electrical conductivity of the cable over time. All this ensures reliable operation during every engine start up for the life of your engine.

Along with these benefits, a conductive ferrite impregnated silicon mag core aid in reducing electrical losses, increases the ignition wires pull strength, reduce harmful interferences and successfully improves engine performance and wire lifespan.

With many other features that improve upon our competitor wires such as, lapping our primary and secondary silicon layers for increased wire insulation and strength there is no other wire that can compete in it's class.

Engineered as the complete balanced package, PowerCORE wire is exactly what hardcore enthusiats are demanding to maintain an advantage on the street and at the track. With components that increase energy output, increase performance over the life of the wire, reduce conventional wire losses, improve engine performance, provide exceptional strength, insulation and resistance to harsh operating environments there is simply no competitor wire available able to match the technology, quality, value, reliability and power output of TAKAI's powersport PowerCORE wire and components.

*NOTE - Most applications can be custom ordered, call us at 321-400-5959 or contact support@takai-racing.com for details.

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Takai PowerCORE Ignition Wire Specifications

Hybrid Performance wire uses a copper spiral wound core.

Increased Engine Horspower, Torque and Mileage Twin silicone insulating layers for increased energy efficiency.

Super High Output Power (+15% more energy to the spark gap inr most O.E. applications)*

High voltage insulators to prevent instances of spark flash over.

Internal RFI / EMC / EMI ferrite shielding

High efficiency core for higher output and more efficient operation



NOTE : Lower is better.
The electrical resistance of an electrical wire is opposition to the passage of an electric current through that wire. Because of this the best and most effective ignition wire produced has low resistance without compromising other areas of the ignition wire such as interference suppression techniques and life span. The Takai wires typically measure 5 ohms of resistance for resistance levels 100x less than the ignition wires currently on all powersport applications.


TAKAI's superior engineering uses a copper spiral core to reduce ignition interference levels for the utmost in life and durability for your electronics.


Because of the reduced resistance levels and superior efficiency of Takai Powercore ignition wire more energy can effectively be passed to the spark gap. This increase of energy at the spark gap allows for an increase in combustion efficiency which means more engine horsepower, efficiency and fuel mileage.

*Same measurement time and device used to test all products. Takai PowerCORE ignition wire shows improvements vs all competitors at all engine operating rpms.

LINX Adjustable Performance Interconnects


The first manufacturer to offer interchangeable LINX connectors to adjust the ignition coils specifications for various style spark events! Adjust multi spark, spark duration and spark intensity for all your applications using our LINX* connection system.

Linx connectors are the perfect addition to optimize your RipFORCE Ignition Coils and also allow them to go to work in many of your other performance applications!

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Plasma Enhancer

Another exclusive TAKAI product the Plasma Enhancer allows the input energy from each ignition coil to be individually dialed in to deliver the best performance possible. The Plasma Enhancer allows ignition output polarity to resonate, increasing the overall spark time event allowing for an even longer and more efficient spark event!

ORDER NOW : View Takai Performance Ignition Plasma Amplifier

Ignition Coil Connectors

TAKAI also offers proper replacement ignition coil connectors, pins, wire and accessories for your ignition components! Please call or email for your application and for order information.

Phone : 321-400-5959